Resident evil 2 eliteguias

Resident evil 2 eliteguias

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Resident Evil 2 Remake (Leon and Claire) Guide – Cheats, tips and secretsComplete 100% of the game with our Resident evil 2 remake guide for PS4, PC and Xbox One and discover all the secrets of Leon and Claire’s story.

Index1. Story2. Puzzles and solutions3. Locker codes4. Safe codes5. Key objects and keys6. Enemies7. Weapons and weapon parts8. Collectibles9. The 4th Survivor10. The surviving Tofu11. Rank S, S+ and 14,000 steps12. The other survivors13. Trophies and Achievements Guide14. Frequently Asked Questions, Answers and Troubleshooting

In Resident Evil 2 Remake we are retold one of the most famous stories in the world of video games: the infection of the T-Virus through the streets of Raccoon City, the first major outbreak of zombifying virus at the hands of UMbrella. In this story we have two protagonists. On the one hand there is Leon S. Kennedy, a young officer who starts his career in the Raccoon Police Department… and saves his life by arriving late due to somewhat confusing reasons (a breakup, hangover…). On the other hand, there is Claire Redfield, sister of Chris, one of the protagonists of the original Resident Evil.

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This guide is for playing and completing the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut and Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, although only with the original game mode, it does not work with the «Advanced» and «Rebirth» game modes. This guide is not compatible with the GameCube remake or its HD Remaster version, due to the large amount of changes between both versions.

Choosing Chris Then you will get two character cards, one for Chris Redfield and one for Jill Valentine, each with a different point of view in the game’s story, although both characters are parallel in the game’s story. If you choose Chris, the difficulty will be higher, since you don’t start well equipped and have few weapon options, if you choose Jill, the difficulty will be lower, since you start well equipped and have many weapon options.

Alpha team is flying over the forest area located northwest of Raccoon City, where we are looking for the helicopter of our comrades from Bravo team, who disappeared during their mission.

Destroy the 43rd floor

When you return you will find a zombie, eliminate it or if you can dodge it (you will know that it is dead because a pool of blood will come out), when you try to open the door to the left, you will see that it is closed and you need the key with the emblem of the sword (every time you try to open a door, remember which emblem it has, so when you get the keys, remember which door you will need), remember which emblem it has, so that when you get the keys, you remember which door you will need it) go back to the dining room, a tip, don’t try to open the main door, because the Cerberus will enter and you will spend a lot of ammo unnecessarily, when you enter the dining room you will see that the Zombie’s body is gone.

Go through the door on the right to the Tea Room and take the path to the left, examine Kenneth’s body and you will find Kenneth’s Movie. Follow the door straight ahead, you will reach the outside staircase to the west wing, walk down the hallway and you will see a bird cage, to one side you will find a pistol magazine, in the background green grass and to the right a lifeless body «What the hell is going on in this damn mansion?» Jill wonders.

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If you are already playing and do not know how to complete the chapters without regrets, fugitive and forgotten soldier of Ghost Survivors, in this guide we will give you all the necessary guidelines so that you can also defeat the new types of zombies in Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors.

When you have completed the three chapters, that is, Forgotten Soldier, Fugitive and No Regrets, this fourth chapter, No Exit, in which we manage Daniel Cortini, who has to survive in the gas station store, will be unlocked. These are the steps you can follow to try to survive a wave of zombies…

By completing the chapters quickly, with high scores and similar objectives, we will unlock accessories to modify the appearance of the characters. Soon we hope to be able to offer you a complete list with all the available items…