Peinados animal crossing new leaf chica

Peinados animal crossing new leaf chica

Animal crossing new leaf hairstyles the best!

The incorporation of wi-fi plays a fundamental role because it allows interaction between different players from all over the world. Which makes the game more entertaining and interactive expanding its market by attracting more players through the expansion of its saga.

In the old animal crossing, entering the hairdressing salon of chez marilin became a game of chance because the hairstyles were an uncertainty, you could enter with a good look and leave with one that you did not like at all. Well, that has changed today, the new leaf game gives you the opportunity to choose the hairstyle that best suits you or simply the one you like the most.

This is done through a set of tabs which show a wide range of hairstyles, in which you will select the look that can go from short hair to big long hair, you can choose curls, waves, braids or just a simple lassie hair.

Chez Marilin offers the player a range of hairstyles to delight and put on your avatar. These are presented in the menu with a variety of names which offers you different styles for both men and women. The application has the particularity of being as close as possible to the new trends in hairstyles.

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All hairdressing / coloring for chico & chica and

The hair salon Chez Marilin is unlocked in the shopping area after spending 10,000 berries at the Handy Sisters or at the shoe store and after seven days have passed since the opening of Betunio’s shoe store (which is unlocked by spending 8,000 berries at the Handy Sisters). In short, spending many berries in the Handy Sisters.

– Cut and mark: it is used to change the hairstyle (shape and color). Its cost is 3,000 berries and you can only do it once a day.- Change of look: serves to put the face of a Mii saved in the Nintendo 3DS.- Lenses: this option is unlocked after two weeks have passed since the opening of the hairdresser and if you have changed your hairstyle at least once. You will be able to change the color of your eyes thanks to an upgrade in the hairdresser’s machine.                                                                                                                      Hairstyles for boys

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Regarding hairstyles, we can choose from 8 different ones. A positive aspect of the game is that it allows us to wear all hairstyles, regardless of the gender of our avatar. In addition, we can unlock new haircuts if we meet certain conditions. Below, we detail how to get them all.

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The easiest way to get new hairstyles is to build a mirror. This will give us access to 6 new haircuts (three long and three short). In addition, it will allow us to change our look completely, as if we were in the initial editor. We will even be able to change the sex of our character. To build the mirror, three normal wooden boards and an iron nugget are needed. We can find the project on the beach, inside a bottle.

Not only can we unlock new hairstyles, but we can also buy several new hair colors, in addition to the ones we have available at the beginning of the game. To do this, we have to purchase the Hair Dye Guide, which is sold at the Nook Terminal for 3,000 miles.

I’m going to the hairdresser’s shop ;d – hair salon 3

The famous hair salon is located above a store called the little sisters Manitas, this one is closed to open its doors you have to wait a week since the construction of Betunio shoe store. To achieve this you have to spend 10,000 berries between the two, the store and the shoe store, after three days it will have been built.

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In previous games the hairstyles were random, you could go out with a hairstyle that you did not like, and you had to have it all day, the Chez Marilin makes a major advance in terms of hairstyles in animal crossing. Because with animal crossing new leaf you have the option to choose the hairstyle you want, this is done through some tabs in which you will see below in the animal crossing new leaf hairstyle guide and you will find a wide variety of hairstyles, select the one you like there are short hair and long hair.

The game also gives you the option to make combinations of hairstyles, choose the style that you like and with which you feel identified. You will see from the most casual to the most formal there are for girls and boys.