Misiones secundarias zelda breath of the wild

Misiones secundarias zelda breath of the wild

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This in itself will mean quite a few hours of gameplay, but the game will also feature 76 side quests to give more life to the game, while those looking to complete the game at 100% are going to have a hard time, since Zelda Breath of the Wild will have 900 Kolog seeds to collect.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will arrive in stores on March 3 for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.  So that you do not lose detail, here we leave you a report with our impressions of the game and a content in which we tell you the differences of Zelda Breath of the Wild between both platforms. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, these are our impressions of Nintendo Switch.

Breath of the wild companion

These quests are scattered throughout the kingdom of Hyrule, to start them you will have to go to the specific point where the NPC (Non-Player Character) is located and either talk to him or simply complete some secondary action. Some of these quests are also found in the most hidden points of Hyrule.

To start these quests you have to take into account the timetable system of the game. The characters do not have fixed positions and follow the routine of sleeping, going to the point where they usually are, going to dinner and sleeping again. The best time to perform the missions is from 10:00 to 17:00, and can be completed at any time once started.

Zelda heroic trials

Speaking with Gizzutt an Orni who guards one of the bridges leading to the village we activate this side mission, it is necessary to have completed the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. He asks us to finish with a Glaciarok.

We must talk to Amali near the shrine of the village Orni once we have completed the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. She asks us to find Kumeli who is in the Twin Rocks west of the Orni village.

After starting the side mission «The pride of the tribe» we have to talk to Tarya and find out who is poisoning the water, in the far northwest wall we will find a gerudo eating watermelons, we must give 10 raspberries to stop fouling the water.

To start this mission we must talk to Botenk a man who is walking around the outside of the gerudo citadel. We must be dressed as a woman to start it, he asks us to look for the statue of the eighth heroine, this in the Gerudo mountain range.

After completing the previous side mission, we have to talk to Botenk again and this time he will ask us to find the sword of the Eighth Heroine, we will also find it in the Gerudo Mountain Range east of the statue.

Mapa de zelda: breath of the wild

En este apartado, se encuentran las misiones opcionales que presenta The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Las dividiremos en Misiones Secundarias, Pruebas Heroicas y por supuesto, los minijuegos.

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