Hylian shield breath of the wild

Hylian shield breath of the wild

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In this game, the Hylian Shield can be purchased at the Lalomercado in Kakariko for 200 rupees, although it can also be bought from a Goron merchant in Hyrule Citadel. This Hylian Shield is made purely of metal, which unlike previous metal shields, this one has the ability to not only protect against physical aggressions, it also copes with magical ones. It can also be used to attack opponents by means of Shield Attack.

The Hylian Shield makes its first appearance in a game of The Legend of Zelda saga for a portable console, the Nintendo 3DS, appearing as one of the treasures of A Link Between Worlds. The shield is the main item on Turtle Island. It replaces the standard shield automatically once it is obtained. Unlike the standard shield, the Hylian Shield can block magical attacks, such as lightning bolts fired by the Beamos, as well as fire attacks from the Lynels. It can only block attacks, not return them. It is not required to finish the game and also cannot be stolen by the Like Like as this shield is irreplaceable.

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To find it, we will have to access through the dungeons. The best thing to do is to take a raft west of the castle, a Kolog leaf and navigate the moat. Here look for an area with Shining Stones to access the castle. Continue through the dungeons until you reach an area where a powerful enemy named Skeletal Hinox awaits. And when we say he’s dangerous, we’re referring to the obstacles they put in our way to defeat him. Simply throw an arrow bomb at his eye and, once he falls, hit him with the Wrath of Urbosa. This way, you will be able to defeat him easily.

I plan to make the most of the game and complete it as much as possible (shrines, quests, heroic trials…) But I’m worried about this, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to catch such a large amount of kologs.

To adrixvelilla: when you have the trident, you have to go to the waterfall of Xera, at the base you will see a pedestal, you have to climb the waterfall with the zora armor, and throw yourself down it (can be with paravela), and, when you are a few meters from the pedestal, press Y with the trident equipped and, if you do it right, a shrine will emerge.

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Go to guide indexIn addition to the horse Epona and the Master Sword, in Zelda: Breath of the Wild there is another classic element of the Zelda saga: the Hylian shield, the one with which we are used to seeing Link in countless games, with the triforce painted on it.

The shield is in Hyrule Castle, but it is one of the most difficult areas of the game. It’s actually a sort of homage to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, as we find the shield in a situation reminiscent of this Super Nintendo classic.ADVERTISEMENT

We have to enter through the back door of the castle, through the dungeon area. For that we have to go through the back of the castle, through the hills, until we find a broken bridge. Go to its western side and glide towards the glowing stones, but stay on a spiral platform. When you are on it you will encounter a Guardian, avoid him and enter the castle. Go to the dungeon area and use the Cryonis rune to open the door.

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Go to guide indexOne of the most characteristic things of this new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the fact that weapons, shields and even bows break. Instead of buying them in stores or getting them and having them forever, we get them in the game and they wear out until they break. This happens with absolutely everything, with four exceptions: the master sword (which regenerates), the ceremonial and scale zora tridents (which can be reforged) and the Orni falcon bow (which can also be rebuilt).

Within the exceptions there is one notable absence: the Hylian Shield. Link’s characteristic shield is the best in the game and has a great resistance, but it ends up breaking and we are left with it forever… Or do we?

For more advanced players Zelda hides a surprise: a clandestine seller who can sell you any item you have previously had. For an exorbitant price, of course. Everything is worth 4,000 rupees except, curiously, the Hylian shield, which costs only 3,000.