Hungry shark world evolution

Hungry shark world evolution

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Players will be able to choose between five different types of sharks, such as the white shark, the hammerhead shark or the tiger shark. In addition, each of them can be customized with a multitude of elements, such as wigs or armored vests.

In each of these levels we will find lots of secrets and hidden elements that we can discover: from giant skulls that we can hit, to special fish with powers. Thanks to them we will be able to unlock new elements to equip our sharks with.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a very fun action game, which not only offers a spectacular three-dimensional graphics, but also has a fun mechanics and perfectly adapted to the touch controls of Android terminals.

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Once upon a time there was a monkey who lived by the shore. He was lucky that, from his favorite tree, he could admire the beauty of the immense sea. How much he enjoyed contemplating the strong waves in winter and the calm waters in the summer months!

From then on, he began to come to the shore on time to eat the apple that the monkey kindly gave him.    Soon a complicity was created between them that made them become very good friends.

As you know, curiosity is very characteristic of monkeys, so he couldn’t resist any longer and accepted the invitation. He sharpened his aim and jumped nimbly on the shark’s back. Sitting astride the shark as if he were riding a horse, he began to sail, allowing himself to be caressed by the sea breeze.

The shark stopped dead in its tracks and stared at the monkey. It was his friend, but of course… After all, he was a shark and his predatory instinct came to the surface instantly. The macaque, seeing how his colleague’s face became tense and threatening, smelled his toast and looked for a way to get out of danger.

Hungry shark world

Sharks are playable characters in all Hungry Shark series. Some sharks have enemy versions. The player can only eat the enemy versions if that shark or a stronger shark is used. However, on some occasions, sharks larger than one’s own shark can be eaten. However, currently the only games where you can do that are: Hungry Shark Evolution (Frenzy), and Hungry Shark world (Mega Gold Rush).

Hungry Shark Evolution is the second game with the most playable sharks in the series having 16 sharks, along with 8 special sharks and 6 evolved sharks (All regular sharks need to be at level 10 with 100% experience in order to unlock the next shark, or you could also use gems to buy the next shark).

Mako Shark: A fairly agile shark, it has a slightly larger diet than the Reef Shark and can eat more aggressive prey, it costs 1500 coins. Its health drain is quite low and the health bar is a bit bigger, it also has better turbo. Cost: 1500 coins or 20 gems.

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You can now download and install Hungry Shark Evolution for your laptop or desktop computer running any version of Windows, including Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 or even Macbooks, running Mac OS. HOWTO download and install Hungry Shark Evolution for Windows PC and MAC Free Download:

The description of Jaws Hungry Shark World. The awesome sequel to Hungry Shark ™ Evolution is here! The sharks are back, and this time they are taking on the whole world! ***This game is only compatible with devices running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher.

Download Hungry Shark Attack VR (Hungry Sharks) for Android For all those people who like action games , in this note we are going to tell you about an incredible copy belonging to this genre, which you can also enjoy in a virtual reality mode that will make you feel immense adrenaline.

But you must avoid the biggest sharks because they will eat you and you will have to restart the game. Have a good time in the water looking for the victims that will turn you into the biggest shark. Play Shark Attack totally free, it’s one of the …