Hardsubcafe steven universe future

Hardsubcafe steven universe future

Cancion estamos en el futuro steven universe sub english

We meet again to watch two new episodes of Steven Universe Future. This time we will see episodes 5 and 6 that correspond to the titles «Bluebird» and «A Very Special Episode».

After a fight with Steven, in which we see him with a new «power», both are relatively grateful to each other and our main character says goodbye and assures that they will meet again soon.

In this episode Steven tries to give the gems’ activities a twist and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone. Amethyst thinks this is a bad idea because they are used to working in a certain way and that makes them happy.

However, Steven insists and when he sets each gem to do different jobs everything gets out of control. That’s when we see Smoky Quartz, who must save the day. Once again Steven uses his new powers and manages to avoid a tragedy.

The humans from the zoo visit Earth and tell Steven that there are some gems that want to meet him. It is at that moment that the Rose Quartz have been depuffed, but the problem is that all of them, especially Shy Rose, remind him a lot of his mother.

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But after Steven is born, Amethyst seems to be a victim of a personality disorder known as Diogenes Syndrome, for those who do not know this syndrome is a disorder that makes people affected by it accumulate junk and are not able to part with anything, just look at the room of …

Garnet comments that fusion is not a game and that it is only used for very important matters, that’s why he gets furious in the episode «Call for Help» with Perla after learning that he played with her. Currently, the fusions that are shaped by Perla are called «Giant Woman» by Steven.

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I started following this series in 2015 when I saw the episode Escape from Prison when I heard the song I am stronger than you and the series began to interest me I decided to watch the episodes in Latin by a page that no longer exists which I will not mention, and I liked the series and I even became quite a fan of the series (without becoming a fanboy), I saw in Latin until the episode High Tides, After that episode I saw the series in the original language in The World Of Steven Universe in the first page when I started to follow the series Peridot was the antagonist, Jasper was the maximum threat at that moment since nothing was known about the Diamonds, nor about Rosa’s atrocities, several characters were not in the plans and the ones that were there didn’t have the development of today, it didn’t even occur to them to make the movie, let alone a series as an epilogue because they had left loose ends in the original series. I remember that whenever I watched the episodes I always went to the wiki to see if they updated the information, I even listened to the songs in different languages not only in English, Latin or Spanish in a channel which deleted those videos, and I even consumed some fanfic stories about a hypothetical ending of the series at that time which was too different from the one they gave us.

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Netflix is the most popular «video on demand» service of the moment, with a vast catalog of series and movies available on the Internet and smart devices (TVs, Mobiles, Consoles, etc) for users who purchase a monthly subscription. It is an alternative way to watch the series in good quality and in an official way. At the moment they have the entire Season 4 of ‘Steven Universe’ in their catalog, enjoy!

Orange TV is the VOD service that belongs to the multinational phone company Orange and can be accessed if you have contracted the service «Orange TV Cine y Series». It is another alternative way to watch the series in good quality and in an official way. At the moment they have in catalog the entire Season 4 in their ‘+TV’ section, available for customers who have contracted the offer ‘Rakuten TV Subscription’.