Animal crossing new leaf zona comercial

Animal crossing new leaf zona comercial

animal crossing new leaf -2- commercial zone

One day Sito will appear at the door of your house and will tell you to get 6 signatures of neighbors in your town, spend a few days 2 or 3 and in the shopping area you will see the club haha, when you give fruit to Sito before 20:00 (the time that Dj keke plays) he will give you emotiguasasas .Saturdays plays totakeke and if you talk to him and you sit on a stool sings you a song and gives it to you.

And the last one , 5th extension : You have to spend 100,000 thousand berries and it must have been at least 30 since the previous extension and also we must have seen Graciela in the town square and told us 4 times that we are well dressed . When this renovation is done , Graciela will appear on the top floor of the store .

The hairdresser : We must have spent 10,000 berries in the handyman sisters and the shoe shop , to get the otion of the contact lenses you must have combed your hair 7 times ( with different hairstyles ) in the hairdresser .

animal crossing: new horizons

– AAD showroom (StreetPass plaza): you need to get your first house. Talk to Tom Nook and then to a dog, Cinnamon’s brother, who will be waiting for you in the northern part of your village to give you access to this new area.

– Club Jaja: you need to have expanded the T&N Shop to Merca T&N. The next day Dr. Sito will appear to collect signatures to build the club. The club will open a week later (approximately) after collecting signatures.

– Katrina’s stall: she has to read your future 20 times from the stall that she will put some days in your village. Then you will be able to buy from your office in the store that will always be in the commercial area.

animal crossing new leaf – the stores in the town and the area

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf you have many opportunities to have fun getting new stores, options and zones as the game progresses. The upper part of the town is where the stores are located and there are lots and lots of stores that you can go to and shop.

The shopping area is an area that has been incorporated into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is located north of your town and if you want to get to this district, you must go by train. At the beginning, you will see sparsely populated streets and buildings that have been abandoned.

All other facilities must be unlocked and fabricated for them to start working. And their locations remain fixed throughout the game with the exception of the Museum. Here’s what you must do to get the entire trade area:

It is essential that you water or plant at least 30 flowers if you want to unlock the flower shop. It is also essential that you have at least 7 days since you created your village. On the other hand, inside you will buy tree seeds, axes, watering cans and much more.

handy sisters

To obtain it you must spend 25,000 berries in the previous store, at least 10 days must have passed since you started the game and since the flower shop opened next to Tendo and Nendo’s store.

To get it you must have spent 100,000 berries at Nook’s, at least 30 days must have passed since the previous expansion opened and you must have seen Graciela in your village at least four times and taken a survey she will ask you. If you get four times that she tells you that you have good style by your answers in the survey, you will have completed this requirement.Reply / CommentUploadForums > Animal Crossing: New Leaf > Tendo and Nendo Shop expansions.