El as.periodico deportivo de españa

El as.periodico deportivo de españa

Spanish sports newspapers

«Sobre mitos de la natación competitiva y la natación educativa: una mirada histórica y cultural desde Elías Juncosa = About swimming performance myths and educational swimming: an historical and cultural perspective from Elías Juncosa

Alcoba, Antonio. La prensa deportiva: tratamiento inédito sobre el género específico del deporte, y cómo hacer una publicación deportiva ideal. Madrid: Instituto Universitario Olímpico de Ciencias del Deporte, 1999.

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New test of maximum demand for Jaén Paraíso Interior FS. The yellows receive the almighty Movistar Inter FS (Saturday, November 13 at 18:30 pm) in the Olivo Arena, where a provisional route will be enabled for the departure of vehicles of the players….

Day of provincial derby between UDC Torredonjimeno and Real Jaén. A match in which the whites will have a new opportunity to get points to get out of the relegation zone. Before the match, the coach of the team from Jaén, Juan Arsenal, said that the…

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Transform the good feelings into points. This is the desire of Alberto Gonzalez and all Linares Deportivo. Objective for which they must overcome Villarreal B, current leader of Group 2 of Primera RFEF. A subsidiary that despite arriving with two consecutive defeats…

Real Jaén returned to La Victoria after a period of ‘exile’ playing at Matías Prats. And they did so with the support of their fans, who finally returned to their stadium, although Real Jaén let the victory slip away against Alhaurín in the final minutes. The fans at La…

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5. Shares the Commission’s view that most of the difficulties can be resolved by auroregulation, in the framework of respect for the principles of good governance and compliance with Community law; is convinced that a partnership and a

8.  It notes that, as the different levels of sporting practice – from leisure sport to high-level sport – coexist within them, sports federations play a key role in the necessary solidarity between the different levels of practice:

the promotion of equal access for men and women to sport at all levels, the training of young people, the protection of athletes’ health and the fight against doping, violence and racist or xenophobic manifestations.

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It is essential to establish a single universally recognized list of bans so that sportsmen and women and their management personnel are fully aware of the substances and methods prohibited and that they are fully aware of their rights.

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-Difficult. They can say no to a fan, but it’s different when it’s an official matter. I’m sure Obiang will force them to greet him. He’s going to get the photo, naturally. And if he has to pay for it, he will.

-Obiang is used to paying very well. We believe he may have paid between 5 and 15 million, more like 15. I have very direct information received from the Equatorial Guinean embassy in Madrid informing us that it was that amount. The most normal thing is that the money has been delivered through the embassy or a bearer because there are no transfers in these matters.

-Let me give you an example. If Del Bosque were to escape for a moment and appear at the hospital in Malabo, in the infectious area, he would find the number of living corpses dying of AIDS. I have never heard that the president of Equatorial Guinea has visited any of these hospitals. The country is divided in two: the rich people, fattened on oil and supported by foreigners who benefit, and the Guineans, humiliated in most cases by misery. There is no way for elections to take place and that is the great demand of the opposition, that the people can choose who they want to govern them, not one by obligation.

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