Punisher kills the marvel universe

Punisher kills the marvel universe

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In 1995 a story created by Garth Ennis and Doug Braithwaite entitled Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe, we see how Frank Castle ends the lives of all the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe alike, this because his family dies thanks to a battle in which the Marvel heroes were involved, being their first prey Cyclops, Hwkeye and Jubilee, to later join a group of individuals cobravenganzas against heroes and end the lives of the rest of them thanks to acts such as shootings, floods, transport accidents or even nuclear explosions.

In the story by Pere Van Lente and Pere Pere Perez, Deadpool vs The Punisher, Castle shot Deadpool several times in the head at point blank range, but thanks to his healing factor he managed to survive, it was not until Thunderbolts #29, by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Kin Jacinto that he put an end to the life of the Mercenary and he did it by breaking him into pieces by placing each part in different bottles of vibranium so that he could not regenerate.

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Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe’ (Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe) is the first comic book written by Garth Ennis about the Punisher. We are facing an alternative story, What If style, where Punisher aims to kill all superheroes and supervillains of the Marvel Universe, without exception. The story is ultraviolent.

It all starts when Frank Castle’s family dies because the X-Men have a bloody and terrible battle in the park where his wife and children are. Because of the battle, Castle’s family dies. When Frank Castle arrives at the park and sees that his family has died, he begins to shoot the X-Men, killing Cyclops and Jean Grey, triggering a story that will lead him to try to kill all the Marvel super beings.

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Francis «Frank» Castle, better known as The Punisher, is a fictional character and anti-hero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Gerry Conway and artists John Romita Sr. and Ross Andru, with editor Stan Lee greenlighting the name. The Punisher made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man # 129 (February 1974).

The Punisher’s brutal nature for killing made him a big character in American comics in 1974. In the late 1980s he sold several monthly series such as The Punisher: War Diary, The Punisher: War Zone and The Punisher’s Arsenal. He appeared in several episodes of the Spider-Man television series (1994) and The Super Hero Squad Show (2009). He also has three films: The Punisher (1989) starring Dolph Lundgren, The Punisher (2004) starring Thomas Jane and The Punisher: War Zone (2008) starring Ray Stevenson. Jon Bernthal played the character in the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil (2016) and the new series Marvel’s The Punisher (2017) as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[8] The Punisher has also been featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[8] The Punisher’s The Punisher (2017) is a series of three films.


Punisher is very similar to Mack Bolan, also known as the Enforcer, a character created in 1969 by writer Don Pendleton for a series of stories titled «War Against the Mafia». But there are several visible differences between Bolan and Castle: Bolan did not have a wife and children, nor was his family directly killed by criminals. Instead, Bolan’s sister was a prostitute, induced by a mob boss, and Bolan’s father, beset by gambling debts, had killed his own wife, his son (Bolan’s brother) and almost his sister, before committing suicide using the same weapon.

Frank Castle is a former Marine, who had an ordinary life with his wife and children. During a picnic in Central Park, his wife and two children witnessed a mob execution. As a result, Castle’s family was killed, and he was the only survivor. However, he miraculously escaped with his life, and vowed to punish those responsible. From that moment on, Frank Castle decided to start an open war against crime, using methods that are not always within the law.