Noticias sobre frank dela jungla

Noticias sobre frank dela jungla

¿está muerto wild frank?

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Presentó su primer programa de televisión es:Frank de la jungla que se emitió en Cuatro de 2010 a 2013. Recibió el Premio Ondas el 8 de noviembre de 2011 en la categoría de televisión nacional[1] El programa le dio fama internacional junto con los programas derivados llamados es:La Selva en Casa y es:Natural Frank. En marzo de 2013, Cuesta firmó un contrato con Discovery International para realizar el programa es:Wild Frank, que se ha emitido en más de 100 países[2].

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For Frank Cuesta, his children are his best support. They have always been, they are a close-knit family, but sometimes they have had to face adversity. The herpetologist has lost a son and one of his best friends, he has fought for his wife’s freedom, he has had to deal with the illness of another and his own… Frank of the Jungle has not exactly been a bed of roses.

The man from Leon rose to fame when the program ‘Callejeros viajeros’ was filming one of its chapters in Thailand. There, the crew had an altercation with a snake, and the herpetologist’s dexterity to solve it left Cuatro’s directors speechless. So much so that they offered him the chance to present his own program about animals. At first he refused, but his then wife, Yuyee, encouraged him, arguing that with his earnings he could finance his foundation ‘Ayuda a los animales’. Thus ‘Frank of the Jungle’ was born.

Yuyee has been imprisoned until the end of 2020. Last November we learned of her release because Frank uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which the model caught a python with her hands: «In the end, she’s going to take my job,» joked the Leonese. It is also not known if the couple has decided to return or simply maintain a good relationship for the sake of their children.

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The presenter has entered a Tibetan temple with his four children: Zape, Pepsi, Zorro, Zen, since as he himself has confessed he needs a cleaning of all the accumulated rage. To enter this Tibetan temple Frank Cuesta has had to shave all his hair.  In the text published in social networks, Frank has explained his decision: «For the next four weeks my children will study in the temple and I will clean so much accumulated anger and help build an artificial pond for animals in the area to drink in dry season. The hair shaving ceremony signifies a return to pure and earthly life, as in the past long hair was synonymous with royalty. Therefore, when you are ordained as a monk, all the hair on your head is shaved, including eyebrows! #FREEYUYEE.»

Frank sat down a few weeks ago on the set of ‘El Hormiguero’ with Pablo Motos where he explained the ordeal he is going through after the imprisonment of his ex-wife.Frank de la Jungla asked for help for Yuyee, who is imprisoned in Thailand for drug trafficking.After talking about the third season of the show ‘Wild Fran’, Pablo and Fran got right into the situation that Yuyee is now living in jail.

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The program team, formed by the host, Frank Cuesta, the reporter and program director, Nacho Medina and the camera operator, Santiago Trancho, travels through countries such as Laos, Malaysia or Vietnam, in search of the most exotic and dangerous wildlife. Although most of the program takes place in Thailand, Frank Cuesta’s residence.

The great data harvested in the first season allowed the filming of a second season, which premiered on Sunday, September 4, 2011. It consists of 8 episodes plus two specials. The first special includes unpublished images from the first and second seasons and the second one shows the best moments of the second season. During this season, the program uncovered a network of bear exploiters in Vietnam, where they showed how poachers are dedicated to extract the bile from the bears’ gall bladder to sell it on the black market.[1] In the first episode of the show, the program also showed a network of bear exploiters in Vietnam.